Guided Moose Hunts

For anyone looking to harvest big bull moose, this hunt is for you!  Previously harvested bull moose have ranged between 57” and 70” with the average being about 62” to 64”.  These hunts are conducted in Western Alaska.  We utilize very comfortable tent camps and your days will be spent glassing for big bull moose.  Our guides are very experienced in calling and judging moose as well as positioning you in a spot that allows for a good opportunity at a shot.  Stalks on moose can range from 600 yards to up to 2 miles across terrain that may feature marginal footing, moist areas, and steep hillsides.  We recommend clients to be in good physical condition as this always increases your chances at success.  If a moose is harvested, a packer will be brought in as soon as possible to assist your guide in packing the moose back to the airstrip.  This allows the hunter and the guide to get back to hunting a grizzly bear as soon as possible (if the client so wishes).  Temperatures for this hunt can range from 20 degrees to 60 degrees with about 40 degrees being about average with occasional snow showers and high winds.


Option to add a grizzly or black bear in combination or trophy fee

Wolves & wolverines can be harvested if opportunity arises at no extra cost

For some, this is an Alaska hunt of a lifetime and we treat each hunt as such. We understand that planning can be overwhelming so we encourage you to reach out and ask questions. We have spent years learning the area and creating working relationships that allow us to offer these hunts with little effort on your part. Please get in touch to learn more about our Guided Moose hunts. No question is too small!


***Special draw moose tags can be available for this hunt, and allow for a greater area to find a trophy bull. If you are interested in this hunt, please contact us so we can give you details on how to apply.***

  • 10 - Day Hunt

    • Date Range: Sept. 10 – Sept. 30

    • Included in trip:

    • Lodging
    • All Meals
    • Professional Guides
    • Flight To & From Spike Camp
    • Trophy / Meat Care & Shipment Coordination
    • Not Included:

    • License & Tag Fees
    • Food & Lodging Before & After Aniak
    • Shipment Cost to Get Trophy Home


    Basecamp is a comfortable B&B with home-cooked meals, hot showers and WiFi.